Jai Skull charm JAIS4

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Skull charm
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  1. Solid sterling silver Skull Charm
  2. Our skull charm serves as a reminder of the transitory nature of life and to live in the present; as a symbol of transformation, it represents the ending of one phase and the beginning of another
  3. Wear it to celebrate personal growth, change, and the willingness to let go of the old and make way for the new
  4. Charming on a necklace and bracelet; add it to a charm ring to customize your look; coordinate it with other charms to reflect your personal style and story
  5. Measures 23 mm  
  6. Store separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap in soft cloth
  7. Wipe regularly with soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove makeup, dirt, and natural skin oils
  8. Clean silver with silver polishing cloth
  9. If needed, wash gently with mild soap; rinse and dry thoroughly with soft, lint-free cloth
  10. Remove for cooking, gardening, swimming, and other sports to avoid damage