About us

The idea/inspiration for the wonderful business that has become Crabapple Clothing Company began in 1990.  The name Crabapple came to life from a children's book the founder, Katja Yrjana Kohlhammer use to read to her oldest daughter.  It was about a family of mice living under a crabapple tree.  The store has evolved immensely from the beginning when we started out with Victorian style dresses, including children's, and we have now grown into a very fashion forward and eclectic boutique.

In 2010 Crabapple Clothing underwent a change of ownership when it was purchased by two existing staff members Inge and Whitney. In July of 2015, Whitney grabbed the reins and took on Crabapple as the sole owner and has never looked back.

“I am truly passionate about this business, the collective we are a part of, and the clientele that we have the privilege to serve.  I'm grateful to our incredible customers and friends that continue to support Crabapple in such an unwavering manner.  It is my mission to be an active and engaging partner of this community, striving to give back even a portion of the love that we have received." 

Whitney Titheridge

Clothing, footwear, and accessories consciously selected for humans by humans.

Customer Service.




Year started at Crabapple:  1997

Favourite fashion trend:  Graphic tee, skirt, and a pair of sneakers or booties!

Favourite food:  Toss up between Italian and Thai.


Year started at Crabapple:  2006

Favourite fashion trend:  Animal prints and snake skin.

Favourite food:  Turkey dinner and anything Greek!


Year started at Crabapple:  2015

Favourite fashion trend:  Graphic tees and long cardigans.

Favourite food:  Mexican


Year started at Crabapple: 2001 when I got my driver's license!

Favourite fashion trend:  Cropped wide leg pants, perfect to accommodate my athletic legs!

Favourite food:  Beer!