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Mos Mosh

In 2010 the Danish brand MOS MOSH was born, founded by Kim Hyldahl. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, MOS MOSH marked a new beginning for the founder. The first drawings were created from the kitchen counter of his home, and step by step a small collection of seven jeans and pants came to life. The signature was clear; well-fitted garments, high quality and most importantly designed with a twist in mind. From the very beginning, MOS MOSH had a goal to reach an international wingspan, while staying true to our DNA and principles. Everything we do, we do with passion, love and heart. We are a small but focused organization, and we value the relationship between the people involved. As we began advancing into collections, the DNA grew to be an even more important foundation. We are not afraid to say that we have a commercial mindset, and this paid off. Women all over the world have embraced the look and the fit of MOS MOSH jeans, and the brand has established itself as a keeper on the scene of today's fashion as a luxury jeans and tailoring wear.

Kate Moss has many admirers but there are probably few who decide to name their company after the British supermodel. "I admire Kate Moss; she knows how to dress glamorous but also very simply." says Kim Hyldahl. To create association with Kate, he named the brand MOS MOSH as a declaration of love. Kim’s vision for the brand was never too far off from Kate’s style. He was focused on the simplicity that the traditional Nordic-look reflects, combined with the flare and details inspired by Italian fashion. In other words, “Uncomplicated elegance that is functional yet comfortable”. “Maybe one day Kate Moss herself will slip into MOS MOSH jeans for a campaign,” is what Kim dreams of and smiles: “We're working on it!” As the brand continues to grow globally, MOS MOSH stays true to their DNA and principles; “Made with passion, love and heart”.

We want to be honest and transparent when we say a garment is sustainable. It is a jungle to navigate in the world of sustainability, and therefore, we believe we have an obligation to make our initiatives transparent and easy to understand. Sustainability So, what is a sustainable fiber? You can always argue about what matters most regarding sustainability, but we have chosen to focus on the environment. What do we mean by environment? We want to preserve the world’s forests, ensuring we don’t use harmful chemicals, reduce water use at the fiber stage and minimizing our carbon footprint.

The longevity of a garment is very important to us, as we try to ensure thar our consumers will be able to use their garments and cherish them year after year. If garments are not made in high quality, they fall apart and will eventually be thrown out. We do not want to be part of this. Therefore, high quality is the number one sustainable focus at MOS MOSH.

Close to 90% of our production is in Europe, which ensures good working conditions for everyone involved. This means we can meet high quality standards and legislations within the world of sustainability and ethics. Keeping our productions close to us also means minimizing the fuel spend on transporting our products from production site to our warehouse, reducing our carbon footprint. We visit our suppliers regularly and use the same supplier’s season after season. This gives the supplier a possibility to give their employees better employment security. In 2020 our products were produced in the following countries: 55% from Turkey 23% from Portugal 9% from China 8% from Bulgaria 4% from India 1% from Pakistan