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Armed Angels

Founded in Cologne, Germany back in 2007, The fashion label Armed Angels was born. We wanted to start a company that would do things differently - that would make a difference for our future. We love beautiful, eco and fair products. We think organic and we believe fairness is never out of fashion. With a great team, it’s our mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. Instead of chasing the latest trends we focus on modern, contemporary collections. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion. That’s what we live for. We create new standards for a better future - for our planet, for us and the ones to come.

Beautiful and climate neutral is not enough for us. Our production chain is long and every single one of our garments is the result of many hours of work. We are committed to fair working conditions and fair pay for the people who stand behind Armed Angels. We make no distinction between cotton farmers in India, seamstresses in Turkey or designers in Germany. Independent organizations such as Fairtrade and the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) guarantee that we stick to our words. India from a certified Fairtrade origin, that means that farmers received a fair price for their cotton plus a Fairtrade premium of 5 EUR Cent per kg raw cotton. The Fair Wear Foundation focuses on improving working conditions in factories where fabrics are sewed together to obtain the finished piece of clothing. We are not perfect. We are simply trying to do the right thing - every day, step by step. We know that we still have a long way to go, but we also know that this is what it takes if you want to become the fairest fashion label in the world.

The fast fashion industry is booming and with it the use of genetic engineering, pesticides, nasty chemicals and enormous amounts of dirty water. We are sick of the indifference and disrespect with which our environment is treated. That's why all our materials and processes are constantly checked to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. Since the quality, durability and sustainability of our materials depend on many variables, such as the type of fibre, yarn blends, yarn structure, fabric construction, dyeing and finishing, we at ARMEDANGELS have carefully selected our raw material sources and their qualities. We adhere to our principles in all phases of production: 100% free of harmful chemicals 100% sustainable production facilities 100% traceable - from the raw material to the finished textile product

Currently we produce the majority of our collections in Portugal and Turkey; our denims are produced in Tunisia. We started with the production in Portugal because it is easy to control due to the proximity. All of our partners, whether in Portugal, Turkey or Tunisia, are visited regularly, controlled and certified. Long-term cooperation and proximity to our producers are extremely important to us in order to support and promote sustainable improvements in production. The bigger we become as a brand, the further we try to get closer to our goals. After all, the larger the quantities we produce, the greater the influence we can exert as a company on working and environmental conditions.