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Girlfriend Collective

We believe good things come to those who don’t waste.

We believe in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Because old water bottles and fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans.

We believe health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes, and that representation matters.

We believe in being transparent, taking care of the people who make your clothes, and never putting our bottom line before what’s best for the planet.

We’re Girlfriend Collective, and we’re glad you’re here.

We're like the earth's number one fan, so being eco-friendly is at the top of our priorities, as is giving you as much information as possible. Here’s a breakdown of each of our products and how it stacks up.

Packaging: Our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, so don’t throw it away!

Clothing: Our clothes are made from recycled materials like post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets retrieved from the seas, fabric scraps, and other waste. You can find the breakdown of each product’s makeup on the product page.

Did you know almost all synthetic activewear is made from plastic? We just make ours with materials that would otherwise clog landfills and pollute the earth. It all starts with post-consumer water bottles that have their labels removed, are crushed into billions of minuscule chips, and then washed until they’re sparkling clean.

After a bunch of science stuff with names like “polymerization,” you get a soft, recycled yarn that eliminates the need for petroleum and diverts water bottles from landfills at the same time.

XXS 73.5 - 78.5
XS 78.5 - 84
S 84 - 89
M 89 - 92.5
L 92.5 - 103
XL 103 - 109
XXL 109 - 118
XXXL 118 - 127
4XL 127 - 136
5XL 136 - 145
6XL 145 - 153.5

Our bras should fit snug to keep you supported but shouldn't dig or have too much space in the straps or under the bust.

Legging Size Section Image, Lydia 5'5 Size 0 XS Legging 23 3/4 inseam, Morgan 5'5 Size 16 XL Legging 28.5 Inseam, Soukenya 5'5 Size 00 XS Legging 19.5 inseam, Diane 5'9 size 2 XS legging 28.5 inseam, Alicia 5'8 size 8 m legging 23 3/4 inseam