At Crabapple Clothing, one of our leading values is collaboration.  We have worked with some incredible people and businesses over the years and figured they definitely needed a page of their own.  The following are some of our favourite teammates and things we LOVE.
krickets (2).jpg

From chiro to massage to mindfulness programs, 360 offers a full range of wellness options and incredible professionals.  We love this integrative approach to our health!

Apostle Boutique is one of our favourite collaborative partners.  Alayne has been generous enough to involve us in multiple photo shoots and has been the jewelry stylist at our Favs Fashion Show the last couple of years.  Alayne exquisitely curates her jewelry collections and strongly believes in giving back to her community.  The ultimate at creating win, wins!

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House is one of our absolutely FAVOURITE stops in the neighbourhood.  Whether it be for your morning Rosso coffee or some girl time getting your nails done while drinking your beverage of choice (that's right, alcohol is served here), Distilled in your one stop shop for all of your beauty needs.  The number of services they offer is unreal, so be sure to check it out! 

This girl has been a total butt saver over Covid.  Collaboration is right in the name of her business and she walks the talk.  An incredibly generous and creative individual, Kiya's talents are endless and her aesthetic is spot on.  Be sure to hit Kiya up for all things marketing, branding, strategy, media, event planning and on and on.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Hands down, the most fun you will have in a store.  Kricket's has been in business for over 20 years, providing gifts and cards that will make you explode with laughter.  Kricket's is a huge supporter of local artisans, featuring product lines from incredible Calgarians.  

With the number of running shoes that Whitney goes through, she certainly feels lucky to have Strides in the hood.  Strides has something for everyone, whether it be for top athletes or someone looking for an appropriate walking shoe.  Strides is a top notch store providing excellent customer service.

Trena Laine and Crabapple go back a long ways.  After meeting close to 10 years ago, Whitney and Trena became fast friends and have partnered on numerous projects throughout the years.  The most prominent being our Favs Fashion Show in which we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local deserving charities.  Trena Laine is an incredible makeup artist and also produces her own line of makeup which is fantastic.  Be sure to reach out to Trena and her team for any of your makeup needs!

Well this submission is actually from Alfie.  He is a HUGE fan of Urban Dog Market and their wonderful selection of unique toys and treats.  Melissa has been so generous to contribute swag to many of our events and is such staple for our furry friends in the community.