“Shop local” is a phrase that I think we were all starting to tune out until Covid busted onto the scene. The implications of coronavirus are real and ever present and we all want to see our local restaurant, salon, or gift store pull through. In chatting with numerous small independents post holiday season, we all agreed that consumers were thoughtful and conscientious with their dollars in supporting small business like never before. It has been so touching to see buyers spending their money with such intention. I’ve owned Crabapple Clothing Company for 11 years and this was the first time I truly felt a shift in the general population. People were taking the time to consider how keeping their dollars within their community could make an impact.

While many people’s incomes have been drastically affected, we all need to spend money to survive and how we chose to spend those dollars can have a huge influence on our community. Have you ever considered the impact of choosing a local bookstore over Amazon? Here are just a few things to ponder when thinking about where to spend your dollars.

  • For every dollar spent at a locally-owned business, almost twice the amount will stay in the community compared to a national chain.

  • Through creating and supporting local jobs, we are keeping money within the community so the cycle continues.

  • We are your friends and neighbours and we have a vested interest in you, our consumer. We want to provide you with products and services that are valuable to you. It is our goal to foster long term relationships.

  • You help us to give back through multiple avenues: you help us nourish the community we both live in.

  • You are investing in entrepreneurship. You are in integral part of creating a thriving community that will in turn attract more businesses to the area.

I am certainly not trying to preach a “holier than thou” attitude, I have made plenty of purchases from Amazon or Walmart. But as a small business owner, I am very proud of what we have been able to give back to our community. Personally, one of my biggest joys in owning a business has been the charity work that we have been able to do in this city. We have donated tens of thousands of dollars to charities in our backyard and hundreds of items to silent auctions for every sort of event.

The hole created by Covid is a big one for most of us in business, but we would not still be standing without the support of our clients and friends. We thank you for your support yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You make us want to keep climbing out of the giant pit!

Stay curious,


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