There may still be snow on the ground, but don’t let the weather fool you, Spring is springing in the world of fashion! This year more than ever, we need some fun and new spring goodies are sure to add some pep to your step! You may be asking yourself, how can I possibly think about spring clothing when we all know there are plenty of sub zero temps ahead of us? Well here are a few tips and tricks on how to bring the new season into your wardrobe while staying toasty and warm….


As Calgarians, I think that we are all masters of layering as we must be prepared for all seasons on any given day; however, making layering fashionable requires some practice.

  • Try styling a dress over a slim button down or fitted long sleeve. *Be mindful of necklines (ie: avoid a boatneck tee under a spaghetti strap dress).

  • Play with texture – layer your chunky knits or furs over light, airy blouses or silky skirts. *Balance volume with slim cuts and long with short to keep proportions on track and prevent you from drowning in your clothing.

  • Add a fitted cardigan under your blazer. I also LOVE the look of a hoodie under a more oversized cut blazer – this creates depth, interest, and you will stay plenty warm!

  • Spring is the perfect time for leather jackets (well any time is the perfect time in my opinion). The beauty of the leather jacket is that they can be indoor, outdoor, or even layering pieces. Throw underneath your winter coat and you will be crazy warm or on a milder day layer with a knit underneath and you will be protected from the chinook winds!


  • Ready to pull out your favourite oxfords or go-to sneakers but not willing to risk the dreaded cold ankles? Wear a cute pair of socks! Show some personality with a punchy print poking out of your sneakers or pull out your trusty white sports socks. We have been seeing this for a couple of seasons, and it actually works!

  • Swap out your giant blanket scarf for a silk necktie handkerchief. Scarves have been worn for over 2,000 years and don’t appear to be going anywhere.

  • Don’t put away your ankle boots! They are a perfect pairing with your skirts and dresses, ideal for any time of the year but even better when you may still have some snow to trudge through.

Forget the rules:

  • Mix your neutrals! It is shocking how many people think that you can’t wear navy and black or grey and camel. Just think of menswear and how sharp a navy suit with a black tie and a cognac shoe looks…

  • Pull out the white jeans! Nothing says spring vibes like white. Grab your white denim and layer with some yummy knits and warm tones and you will be hitting all right marks this season.

  • Chambray and lighter denim doesn’t have to just be worn in the dead of summer. Add some life to your outfit by styling a chambray button up under a cashmere cardigan or undone and tied over a dress. Spread the love and pull out all of your lighter wash denim as it can really brighten up your look any time of the year.

  • Think outside of the box! Wear your pieces in multiple ways, literally. Try reversing your sweater front to back so you have a deep v down your back. Flip your top inside out, exposed seams are a thing, and this can create a more casual look for your outfit. Clothes are supposed to be fun so play!

So many people are so afraid of making “mistakes” when it comes to fashion. We get caught up in the no white after labour day and the ancient seasonal colour charts that dictate what we can and can’t wear. I say forget it all and wear what makes you happy and feel good, because ultimately confidence is style unto itself.

Stay curious,


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