My 2 Cents - BR Pirri

#my2cents is our monthly feature of our friends in different industries. We ask a few questions with the intention of gaining some wisdom, and positive vibes.

Fashion Stylist, and M.C. extraordinaire, BR Pirri @brpirri is giving us her 2 cents worth today. BR’s our friend and go to stylist/M.C. for our @favsfashionshow. She has boundless energy and is always positive…and incredibly funny.

  1. Name and business - BR Pirri, Fashion Stylist (

  2. Describe yourself in 2 sentences. - I'm a love & kindness first person with a healthy side of moxie. Lover of all things fun and stylish and always show up for myself.

  3. What do you love about fashion? - It allows you to send a message to YOUR world without ever having to say a word. It can express your confidence, it can change your confidence, it can tell others you are confident!

  4. What is the one thing that you encourage your customers to spend money on? I always say to them "buy the best you can afford, and buy less of it" That way they always have quality pieces they love that make them happy, to go to, and less "crap" taking up space!

  5. What is your favourite current fashion trend? Ohhhh.....I like the bootie trend, I love wearing sparkles on a Monday with distressed denim, but most of all I really love the long duster style blazers, sweaters & kimono's....they are so chic and make everyone look long and luscious!

  6. What piece of clothing can you not live without? Hmm....I think my black floral kimono right now. It's totally my go to!

#wcw #womancrushwednesdays #femaleentrepreneur #mc #stylist #educator #moxie

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