#unbuttoned is another one of our new Instagram projects. In our Unbuttoned series we will be featuring customers that intrigue and inspire us - essentially women that we want to get to know better!

Our feature for December is Deb Lawson. #realtorwithheart @deblawson www.DebLawson.ca Deb is a new friend, new to the city, and an incredibly positive human being. She's a hardworking realtor, and a single mother of two adorable kids!

1. Name.

Deb Lawson

2. Describe yourself in 2 sentences.

I would say I have a very high work ethic (thank you high performance sport!), and that I'm constantly setting goals to keep myself challenged and learning. I also love the people in my life A LOT; clients, my kids, friends, family, community, business associates, etc.

3. What is your wake-up ritual?

Wake up, make coffee, drink said coffee, take out my dog, start working either as a mother or realtor. When kids are with me we are mad-dashing around to school and preschool, and I get to my swim practice for a good workout. When kids are at their dad's it's similar; wake up, coffee, take out my dog, start responding to emails and messages, get to swim practice or get a run in.

4. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

Moving across the country (to Calgary from Toronto) in the face of divorce, with limited friends or family in Calgary, along with my ex-husband and children so we can be in the same city to raise our children and give them a great quality of life while starting over my business and community.

5. Favourite piece of clothing that you own?

I have many! One of my favourite pieces of clothing is a beautiful bell-sleeved top that my kids picked out for me last Christmas from Crabapple. They told me it was my lucky house selling top which made my heart melt. When I wear it, I think of them and it makes me work even harder.

6. What do you love most about your body?

I love my legs. They take me to all kinds of wonderful places, I love running with them, kicking hard in the pool, adventures with my kids and dog, I feel incredibly grateful I am able to use them and they look okay too!

7. Best compliment you have ever received?

That my kids are really amazing little people and that I'm a good mother.

8. Who is your girl crush?

My girl crush has always been Selma Hayek. I love her spunk! I probably fell in love with her after her role in Frida as I am an Art History major and Friday Kahlo is one of my favourite artists.

9. What’s inspiring you in life right now?

People! I am fortunate to have some incredible people at work and in my community who are hard working, successful, good hearted people. These people inspire me to keep learning, working hard and growing.​​

Thank you, Deb, for sharing your 2 cents!

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