#my2cents is our monthly feature of our friends in different industries. We ask a few questions with the intention of gaining some wisdom, and positive vibes.

Makeup artist @trenalaine from @trenalainemakeupstudio @trenalainecosmetics is giving us her 2 cents worth today. Trena is a long time friend, an industry CRUSHER, our @favsfashionshow partner, our go to for any beautifying needs, and so much more! This lady is unstoppable!

1 Name

Trena Olfert

2. Describe yourself in 2 sentences.

Successful in owning a busy makeup studio with a collective team of artists, mentor and instructor to my own Advanced Makeup Diploam Program that assists new talent to become professional makeup artists, involved with community inititaves and the wedding industry. Loving life and enjoying travels, food, friendship, experiences and being married to one ambitious, handsome fella of 15 years.

3. What would be the one product that you would encourage people to spend money on and why?

Tough one- if you are need of eye shadow, liners and brows, then we have our one fabulous palette that does it all OR if you are looking for a primer, foundation, concealer, corrector – our foundations are a several in one product , they are also our top sellers.

4. What is your favourite current makeup trend?

We don't do trend. We are about personal style, timeless style. Adjusting your makeup routine a little can do wonders, and working with a couple products and learning easy peasy techniques can do wonders for anyone. We enhance and uplift our client's features without cakey, heavy makeup that does not look fab in person.

5. What product can you not live without?

In all honesty, FLOSS! I'm a smiley person and in my client's or student's faces a lot. .

Thank you, Trena, for sharing your 2 cents!

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