Unbuttoned - Laverne Peckham

Unbuttoned is another one of our new Instagram projects. In our Unbuttoned series we will be featuring customers that intrigue and inspire us - essentially women that we want to get to know better!

Our feature for November is the stunning Laverne Peckham and most of you will definitely recognize this face. We cannot get enough of Laverne at Crabapple; from her endless energy and enthusiasm, to her smile and killer dance moves, Laverne is always our go-to when thinking of models. In addition, this woman also happens to be one of the kindest and most supportive humans on the planet.

So let's get to know her a little better....

1) Name

Laverne Peckham

2) Describe yourself in 2 sentences.

I feel that I am a happy, caring, energetic, long time wife (32 years) and proud mother of two talented children, who enjoys dancing, golfing, sewing, shopping (guess where?!) and a volunteer who strives to be a positive role model for young women.

3) What is your wake up ritual?

I rise quietly as my husband sleeps, hug and feed our black lab pup, grab a coffee, read the newspaper, and then workout.

4) What is the most adventurous thing that you've done in your life?

Leave home at 19 years old to join the Ice Capades to skate and travel with them across Canada and the US for a year!

5) Favourite piece of clothing that you own?

My black Mackage rain jacket, which I incidentally bought at Crabapple many years ago!

6) What do you love most about your body?

The fact that after nearly 6 decades it still has the strength and flexibility to dance, golf, and generally move like someone half my age!

7) Best compliment you have ever received?

"I wouldn't have made it through this without you."

8) Who is your girl crush? #wcw

My dear friend and mentor Kary Otto, who is one of the most generous, honest, selfless, caring, and kindest souls I've ever met!

9) What is inspiring you in life right now?

TIME: the realization that as I approach 60 I've less of it to play with... So I am choosing to live my life and each day as fully as I can. A quote from my husband's father to him was "Life is not a rehearsal".

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