My 2 Cents - Svetlana Yanova

My 2 Cents is one of our fun new Instagram projects. In our monthly features we will be asking friends a few questions with the intention of gaining some wisdom and positive vibes.

Photographer Svetlana Yanova is giving us her 2 cents worth today and we LOVE this lady! Svetlana is our go-to (and amazingly talented) photographer for our FAVS Fashion Show and she is a genuinely wonderful human. She has the ability to bring to the surface the inner beauty that she sees in her subjects. She is our #womancrush and here is her #my2cents:

1) Name and business.

Svetlana Yanova Photography

2) Describe yourself in 2 sentences.

I am a Calgary Portrait and Wedding Photographer for local business professionals and couples, who are looking for an amazing relaxed experience at a photo session. I'm that crazy fun Russian who loves her job, which is making YOU look beautiful in photographs!

3) What do you love most about photography?

I love seeing the reaction of people when I show them the back of my camera or when I invite them over for a viewing appointment and they see their images on the big screen, and sometimes to even see happy tears when they tell me they have never had a photo of themselves that they loved until now. I love making my clients happy.

4) How do you achieve the ideal pose?

I believe the best way to achieve the right pose is for me to show it to my client and they can mimic me. I feel there's no such thing as an ideal pose as there are so many factors to consider - lighting, angles, client's body shape, their clothing, how they intend to use the images etc.

5) What colours and patterns are ideal for shooting?

It used to be that photographers encouraged solid colours, but I love the idea of people expressing themselves through clothing and if it happens to be a solid colour outfit that's great, if it's jeans and a lace top or your favourite cocktail dress, bring it all and we will style you for your photos!

6) What piece of equipment can you not live without?

My absolute favourite thing (apart from my camera) is my trusty 50mmL 1.2 lens!

Big thanks to Svetlana for being our first feature!

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