Unbuttoned - Laverne Peckham

Unbuttoned is another one of our new Instagram projects. In our Unbuttoned series we will be featuring customers that intrigue and inspire us - essentially women that we want to get to know better! Our feature for November is the stunning Laverne Peckham and most of you will definitely recognize this face. We cannot get enough of Laverne at Crabapple; from her endless energy and enthusiasm, to her smile and killer dance moves, Laverne is always our go-to when thinking of models. In addition, this woman also happens to be one of the kindest and most supportive humans on the planet. So let's get to know her a little better.... 1) Name Laverne Peckham 2) Describe yourself in 2 sentences. I

My 2 Cents - Svetlana Yanova

My 2 Cents is one of our fun new Instagram projects. In our monthly features we will be asking friends a few questions with the intention of gaining some wisdom and positive vibes. Photographer Svetlana Yanova is giving us her 2 cents worth today and we LOVE this lady! Svetlana is our go-to (and amazingly talented) photographer for our FAVS Fashion Show and she is a genuinely wonderful human. She has the ability to bring to the surface the inner beauty that she sees in her subjects. She is our #womancrush and here is her #my2cents: 1) Name and business. Svetlana Yanova Photography 2) Describe yourself in 2 sentences. I am a Calgary Portrait and Wedding Photographer for local business pro

Fashion with Friends

On October 17, we hit the runway once again for Love for Lewiston! This time with Imber Boutique and Fresh Kids. Our runway was Distilled Beauty Bar, located just a kitty-corner to us. It was an absolute treat collaborating with these ladies. Thank you, Imber Boutique for inviting us to join your event, Fresh Kids for supplying the cuteness, and Distilled Beauty Bar for hosting the event. Video by Aidan and Claude from 2 Creative Co. #2creativeco #distilledbeautybar #imberboutique #freshkids #crabappleclothing #mardaloop #djsonidef #loveforlewiston #fashionshow #visitmardaloop

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