Bleu foret men's cotton sock w/caviar pattern 2344

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Bleu foret cotton sock w/caviar pattern
These men's socks are distinguished by the elegance of the lisle yarn and the refinement of the caviar pattern. Also known as mercerised cotton, lisle yarn is a purer and finer cotton. It also offers a more intense colour, creating a superb effect in the stitch patterns that make Bleuforêt savoir faire unique. With their dark heels and toes and caviar pattern, these lisle yarn socks are original and infinitely elegant. Like all our products, these socks are no exception to our tradition of making everything in France as they are knitted in the Bleuforêt factory in the Vosges region. As distinguished as they are, caviar pattern lisle socks do not compromise on comfort. Indeed, the reinforced toes avoid any risk of chafing even when you're wearing your finest Oxford shoes. The final touch for absolute comfort and durability: the toes and heels are reinforced. The caviar pattern lisle yarn socks are offered in three very soft colours: navy, bronze and marled bark. Mad about lisle yarn? Then check out the other models in this collection, like the classic 100% lisle yarn socks and the fancy knit lisle yarn socks.