The idea/inspiration for the wonderful business that has become Crabapple Clothing Company began in 1990.  The name Crabapple came to life from a children's book the founder, Katja Yrjana Kohlhammer use to read to her oldest daughter.  It was about a family of mice living under a crabapple tree.  The store has evolved immensely from the beginning when we started out with Victorian style dresses, including children's, and we have now grown into a very fashion forward and eclectic boutique. Crabapple Clothing Company has recently undergone a transition of ownership. As of July 2015, Whitney has grabbed the reins and taken on Crabapple as the sole owner.  


“I am truly passionate about this business, the community we are a part of, and the clientele that we have the privilege to serve.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to evolve with this unique store and for the new exciting changes to come.  Thank you to our fabulous customers and friends that continue to support Crabapple in such an unwavering manner.  I look forward to seeing everyone soon!”


Whitney Titheridge